CIO – Leading US based Telco Operator

Although relationship is important, delivery is key. Prodapt delivered results that exceeded my expectations in the time frame they committed to. They have proven to be an excellent partner.

Former VP – Fortune 500 Rural Telecom Operator

After interviewing several firms to manage the QA process for our Amdocs billing system, we chose Prodapt based on their technological expertise, confidence that they understood our pain and the trusted relationship we’ve built over the past seven years. We’ve been very happy with our decision. Prodapt has managed the QA process smoothly and professionally during a time of enormous change for us. And the results speak for themselves – they reduced overall time to delivery by 65% and cost of QA by 80%.

Former CIO / SVP – 3rd Largest Telco Operator in US

We had acquired 750,000 new customer lines that spanned over several states, but our IT and business staffs were completely committed on a major project. We asked Prodapt to step in, run the acquisition and perform the conversions necessary to integrate these customers into our systems. The efforts turned out to be the most successful acquisition in the history of the company and we couldn’t have done it without them. Great Job”

Director – Large Public Safety Software Provider in US

The Prodapt delivery model ensures that the quality and time constraints of our software releases are met. You have taken the time to understand our specific unique domain and tailored the engagement model to meet our specific software operational needs. You have dedicated your organization to getting the right people for the right task. The delivery model scales easily allowing quick ramp-up time on new projects, while maintaining consistent planning and reporting

Jean-Luc Berry, R&D Director, Mycom Group

As a leading independent software vendor in our market, we need to continuously out-pace our competition in an innovation-led and fast changing industry. Our strong partnership with Prodapt is helping us meet this challenge. They have put in place a delivery model tailored to meet our operational needs and have demonstrated the capability and commitment towards achieving our operational objectives on time, first time. Their flexibility  in adapting to changing requirements and aggressive milestones is key to helping achieve our customer satisfaction goals

Regional Manager, Solution Engineering, Major US Telecom Company

I would like to thank the Prodapt team for all of the work they’ve done to put our proposal and demonstration together. I think back to where we started, getting us from Happy Home to Connected Officer, Connected Squad Car and Connected Command Center. I can’t tell you how impressed I am with the commitment and talent Prodapt brings to the table. I wanted to recognize the effort Prodapt team put to translate our vision into the proposal.

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