About the Customer

The customer is a leading wireless operator in South Africa. The customer wanted to leverage technology to help a game reserve safeguard animals, such as the rhinoceros.

The Business Challenge

  • Tracking of the location of rhinoceroses at any time
  • Map view of the current location of animals
  • Learning whether animals are in safe zone or not
  • Protection of animals from being poached
  • Real-time animal proximity alerts to vehicle drivers and rangers

Prodapt’s Solution

  • Accurate tracking of rhinoceroses in the game reserve
  • Leverages IoT devices, sensors and frameworks
  • Sensors interact with LoRA modules, IBM’s cloud processes, email systems, push notifications, etc.

The Business Impact

  • GPS trackers tied to the animals ensure their safety by pushing data to nearby LoRA modules continuously.
  • Efficient data processing is enabled using IBM’s cloud processes and Prodapt’s middleware.
  • The locations of all animals in an area are provided on a map.
  • Vehicles mounted with GPS devices enable rangers to track animals in real time.
  • Easy marking of danger and safe zones for animals ensure their safety.

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