About the Customer

The customer is a tier-1 network service provider in the United States with millions of customers. The customer also provides cell site infrastructure management and tower installations.

The Business Challenge

  • Energy consumption optimization
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Reduced complexity in asset maintenance
  • Safety & security for cell tower technicians

Synapt’s Solution

A full-fledged solution was developed, making use of motion sensor, door sensor, temperature sensor, carbon emission detector, gyroscope, smart LED, smart meter, etc.

  • Energy monitoring and control
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Cell site security
  • Backup battery power and fuel maintenance

The Business Impact

ROI for the customer

  • Reduced energy cost by monitoring and dynamic control
  • Reduced maintenance & transportation cost
  • Efficient cell site and device inventory management
  • Better SLA adherence

ROI for tower installers

  • Enhanced analytics—lease & rental renewal agreements
  • Easy, cost-optimized installations
  • Better business efficiency for multi-carrier, multi-tenant towers

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