About the Customer

The customer is a leading Malaysian broadband and wireless service provider. The customer provides various services, such as video, internet, and fixed-line services to customers.

The Business Challenge

  • Home safety & security
  • Efficient energy management in home
  • Home automation & remote monitoring of appliances, such as lights and fans
  • Value added services to homeowners

Synapt’s Solution

Synapt developed a full-fledged home automation solution, Smart Home that takes care of the customer pain points effectively. The solution makes use of several sensors and devices including wearable devices, lights, IP cameras, M2M gateway, door sensors, high-decibel sensors, motion sensors, smoke sensors, etc.

The Business Impact

  • Remote control of the entire home and equipment through sensors
  • Real-time notification upon emergency situations
  • Real-time analytics on energy consumption
  • Real-time live streaming of the events happening at the home
  • Enhanced safety and security of children and elderly at home

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