About the Customer

The customers are energy distribution system operators in Europe transporting electricity, gas and heat to consumers, business and institutions.
Most of the energy is generated by central power stations of energy suppliers, but more and more energy is generated locally by consumers and businesses.

The Business Challenge

The main requirement was to build a private mobile network for the distribution system operators (DSOs) in the region. The network solution should provide the data communication between devices in the smart grid and central applications. The main focus is on the readout of smart meters.

  • The network should use a mobile technology with high penetration and reach
  • Should be based on stable and proven technology
  • M2M communication: lots of requests, small amount of data
  • Turnkey solution, including O/BSS functions
  • Capability to support over 5 million subscriptions

Prodapt’s Solution

An in-depth proof of concept was developed for the customer that further burgeoned to a full-fledged solution. The private network deployed comes with advantages such as better control & ownership, flexibility, and scalability. It uses a specific communication band to draw the benefits such as high penetration, stability, and capability to handle lots of requests with brief amounts of data.

The solution utilizes the following:

  • Private mobile network
  • Radio base stations
  • Backhaul transmission network
  • Packet core network & network element managers

Business and Operational Support Systems covering

  • M2M network fulfillment
  • M2M network inventory
  • M2M network assurance
  • Packet core network & network element managers

The packet core network and the B/OSS are implemented in geographically redundant set-up.

The Business Impact

  • Private network, with ownership of the entire infrastructure, flexibility, and scalability
  • Network reliability
  • Solution enabling data communication
  • Can be used for a large variety of applications to monitor, read out, and control switch devices in the smart grid
  • Better business efficiency for multi-carrier, multi-tenant towers
  • Turnkey solution with full BSS and OSS functionalities
  • Scalable and capable of handling over 5 million subscriptions
  • Long lifespan

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