About the Customer

The customer is a leading Italian network engineering service provider who successfully implemented the first cellular radio network in the country. The offerings of the customer span over telecom, transport, energy, and technology markets.

The Business Challenge

  • Reduced energy consumption in street lighting
  • Predictive maintenance of city assets
  • Centralized control and monitoring dashboard for city assets
  • Efficient parking with real-time parking space info and guidance
  • Waste collection route optimization and time reduction
  • Reduction in operational costs and emission levels

Synapt’s Solution

Synapt developed the full-fledged Smart City solution that takes care of all the pain points of the customer. The solution makes use of several sensors and devices including GPS, M2M gateway, cameras, parking sensors, weather sensors, motion sensors, bin-level sensors, actuators, etc.

The Business Impact

  • Efficient management of city’s resources
  • Centralized data analytics dashboard for all the city assets
  • Optimized waste collection mechanism and routing
  • Efficient parking management by pushing parking space info to the mobile devices of drivers
  • Efficient use of city’s street lights

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