About the Customer

The customer has a large repository of enterprise-wide data in both structured and unstructured format. A major requirement is centralization of both internal and external enterprise data.

The Business Challenge

  • Diverse storage sources for all kinds of data
  • Real-time insights at short notice from unprepared data
  • 360-degree view of the enterprise level data
  • Data encryption to protect critical data
  • Secure access to data sets
  • Improved speed & reduced latency in data crunching
  • Need to keep disparate data in the same location

Synapt’s Solution

Synapt developed an enterprise data management solution called Enterprise Data Lake (EDL) that addresses the key pain points of the customer effectively. The details are provided in the graphic below.

The Business Impact

Emergency Service Provider

  • Service providers can keep disparate data types in the same repository
  • Identification of failure points with the help of event-processing systems
  • Ability to provide access to data analysts to find unknown issues

Communications Service Providers

  • Centralized data makes access easy
  • EDL helps in quick, real-time decisions
  • High volumes (tera and zeta bytes) can be crunched fast
  • Helps map and visualize different items and make decisions

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