About the Customer

The customer is a tier-1 communications service provider in the United States with wireless, small business, enterprise, and residential solutions. The key offerings are in mobility, M2M, cloud and business communication verticals.

The Business Challenge

  • Effective reach-out branding
  • Enhanced customer engagement
  • Need to improve customer experience
  • Real-time, interest-based promotions and advertisements
  • Real-time updates during emergency
  • Centralized management and control of signage boards

Synapt’s Solution

Synapt developed the Digital Signage solution that incorporates several sensors and devices, including digital signage board, mobile device, gateway, media player, content management server, motion sensor, weather sensor, and fire/smoke sensor.

The Business Impact

The Digital Signage solution is integrated with the Smart Lighting solution and provides some of the critical ROI benefits to the customer:

  • Real-time data analysis and reporting provide additional value-added services
  • Price plans are focused on analytics
  • Extendibility to several verticals—hospitals, hotels, theme parks, recreation centers, trade shows, and exhibitions
  • More revenue through business models and large-scale rollout
  • Strategic influence of customers
  • Higher stock clearance
  • Better operational efficiency
  • Reduced servicing and maintenance costs
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and increase in customer base
  • Staff planning based on peak and slow sales analysis

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