About the Customer

The customer is a major emergency service provider in the United States providing 9-1-1 services to the citizens for more than 30 years. These emergency services focus on saving lives of citizens.

The Business Challenge

  • Automated park management to attract more visitors
  • Safety & security of park visitors
  • Weather updates to visitors
  • Map, shop, payment information to visitors
  • Alerts to park rangers during emergency
  • Live data of victims to park rangers
  • Details of victims for quick assistance during emergency

Synapt’s Solution

Synapt developed an end-to-end park management solution making use of several key sensors, including weather sensors, motion sensors,wearables, beacons, the mobile app, and the GPS.

The Business Impact

  • Increased revenue from additional visitors
  • Lower infrastructure management costs due to automation
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Enhanced visitor safety and quick medical assistance during emergencies
  • Ability to manage all visitor activities with just one wearable
  • Efficient use of park’s resources
  • Improved revenue for park restaurants and shops

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