A Unified Middleware Platform

The IoT ecosystem is significantly large with sensors and actuators on one end and user-centric applications on the other. Synapt’s Middleware enables the integration of diverse IoT technology options into one scalable, managed platform.

Synapt is one of the early adopters of European Telecommunications Standards Institute’s (ETSI) M2M standards. This brings many component-level standards under one umbrella in the form of various service capability layers (SCLs), which provide the opportunity to address the complete gamut of the IoT ecosystem. Synapt Middleware brings end-to-end view of machines, their connectivity, and the services they offer.

Target Market

Synapt Connect is perfect for various industry verticals, such as the following:

  • Government & civil departments
  • Wireless device manufacturers
  • Telecom and digital service operators
  • Emergency service providers
  • Smart home providers
  • Law & order services
  • Automotive firms
  • Power companies
  • National and ecological parks
  • Transoceanic freight service providers

Synapt Data Lake Components

Prodapt Differentiators

  • Unified middleware platform for connectivity; acts as data acquisition server
    Open interfaces enable OEMs to develop connected solutions faster
  • Converge enterprise apps (CRM, ERP, BCP, etc.,) with sensors and actuators
    Easy and rapid deployment with normalized data definition and modeling
  • Build problem-centric solutions using big data from users and devices
  • Bring and deploy a variety of devices smoothly

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