Smart City – Street Lighting

According to the 2014 research report by Northeast Group, there are 280 million street lights globally and will grow to 340 million by 2025. Today, the street lights should not only light up the dark roadways and public areas but also be energy-efficient and assure the safety for drivers and pedestrians.

Smart Street Lighting is an effective internet of things (IoT) solution to achieve the desired objectives of energy efficiency, safety and security, and cost effectiveness. Some issues related to street lights are: cumulative costs, high energy usage and electricity costs, increased carbon emissions, and in many cases street lights burning during daylight, besides delay in getting the broken lights fixed.

Synapt’s Offerings

Synapt’s Street Lighting system is a smart solution providing real benefits to cities as well as residential and commercial consumers.

Street Lighting solution can automatically turn the street lights on or off based on traffic. It also ensures that the lights are turned off automatically during daylight, thereby avoiding daylight burning. This helps save power as well as increase the lifespan of the lighting equipment, thereby reducing cost of maintenance.

The Street Lighting solution is perfect for:

  • Municipal and government entities
  • M2M network operators
  • Wireless device manufacturers
  • Internet of things (IoT) OEMs
  • System integrators

Features & Benefits

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    Turning on lights only when needed results in huge energy savings

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    Significant reduction in maintenance costs

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    Reduced emission of greenhouse gases such as CO2

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    Accurate data and reporting on performance and energy consumption

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    Mobile and desktop apps to control and monitor street lighting

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    Sensors to monitor weather and air pollution levels

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    IP cameras fixed along with lights can provide traffic conditions, safety, and security

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    High citizen satisfaction

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