Smart Green Tower (SmartGT)

Cell tower installations assume great importance with the growth in the subscriber rate of cell towers—in the range of 7 billion mobile subscribers globally increasing at a CAGR of 5 % year on year. Cell towers constitute almost 50% of total capital expenditure for an operator. The operational expenditure on energy used in these towers ranges between 15 to 50% depending on markets. Heterogeneous network market (macrocell, femtocell, carrier Wi-Fi, C-RAN, and DAS) will perceive a CAGR of 15 % in terms of infrastructure investments by 2020, as a result of mobile data traffic growth.

The needs for cell tower management can be multifold: increased complexity in asset maintenance, regulatory compliance checks, ever-increasing capital and operational expenditure, security for cell towers, safety of cell tower technicians, energy conservation, etc. An IoT solution can greatly simplify the management of intricate cell towers. Synapt has developed Smart Green Tower, an IoT-powered end-to-end solution for cell tower management.

Synapt’s Offerings

SmartGT is a full-fledged solution that offers the following features to communications service providers and cell tower installers.

The solution provides monitoring and management of temperature and humidity, detection and notification on smoke and fire, monitoring of vibrations and sound, and detection of regulatory compliance.

The solution accurately measures the energy consumption and provides load-based control of energy usage. In addition, the solution provides remote control of cell sites, alternative power sources based on grid availability, and accurate energy generation measurement of alternative power sources (DG, battery, and solar).

The solution provides run-time monitoring, scheduled maintenance of services, automatic power on/off based on grid availability, and alerts on device replacements or repair.

The key offerings of the solution in battery monitoring include battery health monitoring, backup monitoring, remote switching to battery backup from mains and maintenance of charge-discharge cycles.

The solution monitors the radiation levels of workers through a wearable. As a result, it becomes easy to send emergency notifications at the click of a button. Remote troubleshooting is also possible with body-worn cameras.

The solution provides cell tower fuel monitoring, consumption rate, purity/dilution check and alerts, refuel scheduling, leakage detection, fleet management, etc.

The solution provides a map view of the tower network, wherein the operator can create zones by geo-fencing. Automatic association of cell sites to zones can be done.

SmartGT allows operators to create users and roles (such as SmartGT Admin, Network Manager, and Zone Manager). It’s easy to do permission and privilege management. Users can create rules at the device, cell site, and zone levels. Automatic and manual action triggers and notifications (push, email, call, and text) are available to users.

Device configuration and cell site association wizards help in easy management of devices. Users can get alerts on device replacement and maintenance events. The system supports TR-069 and OMA-DM devices.

Zone-level, device-level, and cell-site-level centralized monitoring is provided by the application. Remote monitoring, real-time video streaming, and remote troubleshooting are offered by the solution.

A user-friendly web app is providedfor 24×7 connectivity. The app supports both iOS and Android, and allows live tracking of workers through wearables and body-worn cameras.

The video streaming through mobile and web apps, video logs, and image logs help secure the cell sites. In addition, secure storage of data is also available. The solution takes advantage of motion sensors for doors of rooms and cabins to detect unauthorized access.

SmartGT provides issue alerts and reconciliation, and issue resolution history for quick turnaround time (TAT) for issues. Analytics is provided to track SLA adherence details.

Analytics on various levels are available—zone/cell site, energy, cost, alerts, and devices/user. This helps in accurate tracking of cell towers.

The users proactively get device service or replacement alerts. In addition, re-fueling alerts are given with cell site route map and fuel quantity to be transported.

The solution makes use of several key sensors and devices including: smart meters, gyroscope, body-worn cameras, GPS devices, surveillance cameras, motion sensors, temperature sensors, light sensors, fuel/smoke sensors, fuel leakage sensors, etc.

The following customers can take advantage of the SmartGT solution:

  • Telecom service providers
  • Telecom infrastructure providers
  • Telecom tower realtors
  • Telecom tower operators

Features & Benefits

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    Better operational efficiency: Improved coverage & increased customer base

  • null

    Quick turnaround time (TAT) and SLA adherence

  • null

    Unified one-stop solution for cell site maintenance, energy monitoring, security

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    Centralized cell tower management (remote/urban)

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    High interoperability with third-party frameworks/solutions (multi PAN, multi-standard IoT protocols)

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    Reduced OPEX, energy, maintenance, and transportation cost

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    Hassle-free network expansions

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    Reduced carbon emissions

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    Easy device configuration and control

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    Enhanced security by centralized remote monitoring & breach/theft control

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    Regulatory adherence

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    Radiation monitoring & control

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    Safety assurance of cell site workers

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