Integration & Deployment

Prodapt has strong expertise in system integration for the internet of things (IoT) ecosystem. Connected devices with new technologies will help capture a large chunk of the IoT market, which is expected to be of close to 300 billion dollars according to a Gartner research.

Integration & deployment expertise of Prodapt explores the design and building of storage, such as databases and big data analytics; implementation of analytics; system integration; application customization; and assurance of security and privacy.

Prodapt’s system integration service enables development of complex IoT systems that take advantage of open standards and seamless communication technologies to take devices to the very edge of sophistication.

Prodapt will help bring together several communication standards, diverse services, and device and data management tools through the system integration service, to build that perfect IoT solution.

Prodapt’s Services

  • Design & building of storage (databases & big data)
  • Analytics implementation
  • System integration services
  • Application customization
  • Security & privacy assurance

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