Enablement & Acceleration

The market of smart connected devices is on a steep growth curve. IoT revolution forces companies to come up with disruptive design concepts that win over competition and go down well with consumers. While IoT is still in its roots, there is tremendous growth potential and development in this realm. Designing highly effective products is not enough today; you also need to fast-track the PoC building.

Prodapt’s IoT capability deals with engineering and building of platforms and solutions. Prodapt has over the years developed deep-rooted partnerships with several hardware providers. The custom user interface design and user experience revamping are some of the highlights of Prodapt’s IoT enablement & acceleration service. Also, Prodapt helps generate proprietary dashboards and reports, and develop device drivers for the gateways and sensors.

Synapt’s experienced enablement & acceleration consultants can help realize customers’ product ideas. The expertise ranges over devices and sensors of all kinds and technology standards extant in IoT realm.

Prodapt’s Services

  • Fast-tracked PoC building
  • Engineer & build platforms and solutions
  • Extensive hardware partner ecosystem
  • Custom UI & UX development
  • Proprietary dashboards & reports
  • Development of device drivers for gateways and sensors

Prodapt also ensures seamless interoperability among OSes, hardware, platforms, and components. The design engineering services are perfectly suited for all kinds of industries.

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