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Synapt provides industry-standard consulting and solution architecting services focused on machine to machine (M2M) and the internet of things (IoT). The highlight of the consulting and strategy development at Prodapt takes the next step by identifying customer needs and defining the business case.

Prodapt’s experienced IoT consultants help you strategize the governance models, define the IoT ecosystem and technology roadmap, and define reference architecture and security requirements. The service is intended to fast-track the IoT implementation by ideating data storage and transport operations and calculating revenue vs. cost parameters.

Synapt consulting services are based on in-depth analysis of business situations. The methodologies will help conquer the fascinating IoT domain quickly, and easily get ahead of the competition. Every bit of data is collected and scrutinized to build the most effective solution. Synapt’s consultants study the extent of the data and its utilization parameters, and explore the opportunities for analytical insights.

Prodapt’s Services

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    Understanding customer needs & business case

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    Strategizing governance models

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    Defining IoT ecosystem & technology roadmap

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    Defining reference architecture & security requirements

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    Ideation of data storage & transport

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    Calculation of cost & revenue parameters

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