Connectivity & Security

Companies venturing into internet of things (IoT) and machine to machine (M2M) domains have a concern: ensuring the privacy and security of the data being transmitted across the various devices and applications. Prodapt provides a next-level solution to this concern, by bringing end-to-end management of connectivity and security.

Prodapt’s high expertise in data security and privacy helps ensure the data at every stage of its transit, and across all kinds of devices and applications. The end-to-end security will help customers be extra-prepared against security breach attempts. Prodapt also partners with some of the leading operators to engineer and deploy network infrastructure and ensure industry-standard security. The connectivity ranges across all kinds of network topologies such as PAN, WAN, and LPWAN.

Prodapt has experience in topology selection, security & privacy requirement analysis, and defining network parameters for large number of customers.

Prodapt Services

  • Ensuring privacy & security of data at rest and in transit
  • In-depth risk analysis & end-to-end security
  • Engineering & deployment of networks
  • Implementation of network-level security
  • Connectivity across PAN, WAN, LPWAN

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