Management & Maintenance

Cloud-based IoT application enablement platforms (AEPs) will pioneer fast and efficient application development in the world of connected “things.” Achieving better time to market with products and solutions requires not only quick development, but industry-standard management & maintenance.

Prodapt’s internet of things (IoT) management & maintenance services are designed to address the evolving trends and challenges in business and technology sectors. Prodapt aims to consistently exceed business expectations. From the app development to deployment and then management & maintenance.

Prodapt provides expertise in a range of devices and technology standards. Also, years of experience managing cloud-based applications and hosting makes Prodapt the go-to place for application maintenance. Prodapt takes the maintenance to next level by providing added security and network management.

Prodapt Services

  • Device management
  • Application management
  • Cloud hosting
  • Network management
  • Ensuring security

Prodapt’s leading experts understand business requirements from the technical and functional angles and work on an acceptable blueprint of maintenance and management.

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