A Generic Framework Across Verticals

Synapt Service Manager is a platform that enables telecom operators and enterprises to manage millions of devices efficiently. The framework is built on open standards and provides advanced management of devices. It has device control and monitoring capabilities and provides rich graphical user interface for great user experience. Service Manager is domain-agnostic, which results in simplicity and faster time to market, and its high-level REST APIs enable application developers to build new applications required to manage devices as well as reduce the time and effort.

Target Market

Synapt Connect is perfect for various industry verticals, such as the following:

  • Smart home providers
  • Emergency & security service providers
  • Automobile manufacturers
  • Government & civil departments
  • Wireless device manufacturers
  • Telecom and digital service operators
  • National and ecological parks
  • Transoceanic freight service providers
  • Law & order services
  • Power companies

Synapt Data Lake Components

Prodapt Differentiators

  • Supports specialized services for various verticals, such as home automation, security, and automobiles
  • Cost-effective management of millions of devices
  • Management of user experience across device interaction, control, and monitoring
  • Reduced time to market and deployment cost of new services
  • Centralized management dashboard for all kinds of devices
  • ETSI-compliant as well as support for various proprietary and open standards

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