Strategies to drive efficiency and reduce cost in DSP’s retail billing operations

Real-time identification of potential issues within customer usage data is a key challenge for the majority of digital service providers (DSPs) while monitoring the operations of retail billing. Furthermore, with traditional monitoring mechanisms, it is difficult to identify the underlying issues like abnormal CDR rejections, overcharging and duplicate recurring charges which leads to greater revenue leakage and reduced customer satisfaction.

Though DSPs are aware of these challenges with legacy billing systems, it is very difficult to migrate them due to various risk factors, migration complexity and cost involved. However, by creating a robust billing operations toolset based on open source tools, DSPs will be able to overcome the above challenges and improve operational efficiency.

This insight highlights some of the key issues that are encountered in any retail billing operations and brings out a strategy to create a robust toolset, that could enable seamless billing operations at higher efficiency. To know more, download the insight below.


  • Yuvanesh R
  • Mogan A B
  • Ragu Shanmugam
  • Eswaramoorthy Logaraj

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