Automation of RPA Code Review Process to accelerate RPA Development Lifecycle

Standardizing the bot development process and scaling the bot velocity are the most important goals of any robotic process automation (RPA) Center of Excellence (CoE). One of the major roadblocks faced in this mission is the highly tedious task of manual review of RPA code. It is not only cumbersome but highly time consuming and error-prone as well. Although, the RPA code review is of utmost importance to reduce post deployment defects and costs, the traditional manual approach is crippled with challenges and is highly inefficient.

This Insight helps in solving this challenge by automating the process of code review. It introduces the concept of a platform-agnostic RPA code reviewer bot which can review

  • Hundreds of variables, arguments, activities and message boxes
  • Logic for exception handling, custom logging, queues and credential management

To read more on how to develop this bot and reduce 99% of code review time, download the insight.


  • Srinath R
  • Murugavel D
  • Sarvagya Nayak

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